Meet Ste & Nicole

Ste and Nicole Lane are a young couple with an adorable French Bulldog named Bodhi. Tyler Hill and the surrounding area have extra sentimental value to the pair as it is the place where their love story began while working at Tyler Hill Camp just a mile up the road from the Inn. Ste is originally from Manchester, England and Nicole was born and raised in the local town of Monticello, NY. When their paths crossed in the summer of 2013 they knew that their relationship was more than just a summer romance and three months later they took off on a seven month backpacking trip around South East Asia and Australia. For the next four years they traveled to dozens of countries, were married in Bali, Indonesia and finally, landed back in the US to start the next chapter of their lives.

The dream of one day running a bed and breakfast was born during these beautiful years of traveling, where Ste and Nicole learned that while travel may seem to be all about the destination, the people you meet along the way are what make each place you visit memorable. They were constantly reminded of this by owners of family homestays, who not only went above and beyond to make sure they had the absolute best experience in the area, but also created a space where some of the most wonderful memories could be made. The opportunity to create a space for others to enjoy in a place so close to their hearts was a match made in heaven and so the decision was made to lay down some roots in the place where it all began.

Nicole and Ste are complete foodies, lovers of adventure, fitness, nature, yoga, movement, and an overall holistic, healthy lifestyle. They love connecting with people from all walks of life and look forward to hearing the stories of everyone that walks through the doors of the Inn at Tyler Hill.