Good to Know

Ste & Nicole are into healthy eating and sustainability of food and they bring those passions to your breakfast table daily.

Ste is a certified Primal Health coach, life coach and personal trainer. All meals cooked at the inn are sourced locally, using neighboring farmers who practice good agriculture and organic farming.  We cook and bake without any refined sugars, gluten, vegetable oils, trans fats, fake coloring or dyes that are commonly found in modern food supplies.

Ste’s motto is “just eat real food” and we live by that at the Inn at Tyler Hill. And don’t worry, you may think healthy = boring but that is certainly not the case here. We have all of your favorites on the menu with a healthy twist, focusing on ingredients and quality.

We live in the beautiful countryside of northeast Pennsylvania.  As world travelers, we hold nature close to our hearts and have seen first-hand what poor awareness, waste management and overuse of plastics can do to even the most serene environments. For that reason the Inn at Tyler Hill is proud to say we have minimal waste in our operations and we focus on leaving as little footprint as possible in this breathtaking area.