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Fun in the Pocono Mountains!

Only 2 hours from New York City the Pocono Mountains will make you feel as if you’re in a different world! The Natural landscape allows for a plethora of recreational activities as well as other experiences just a short drive away!

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Callicoon, New York

Callicoon is a charming town located on the banks of the Delaware River and surrounded by the Catskill Mountains. Its main street, with the historic Erie Railroad train station as one its major sights, is home to many quirky shops where antique, vintage and eclectic finds are a shopper’s dream come true. Not only will your stroll around main street turn up treasures from times past, such as The Callicoon Theater dating back to 1948, but it is sure to impress with its modern eateries and coffee shops that focus on farm-to-table, local and organic food and baked goods. Craft beer connoisseurs can head over to the Callicoon Brewery to sample NY state beers and hear live music from local bands, and for the lovers of wine, Callicoon Wine Merchant has you covered with its wine and tapas bar. Feel like sneaking in a yoga class? River Family Wellness offers a wide range of yoga and movement classes that will help ease you in to the zen zone for the remainder of your getaway. For such a small town, Callicoon has enough scenic beauty, character, and diversity to suit any traveler’s tastes.

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

To stroll around Honesdale is to take a step back to a place where the American railroad was born. In 1829, the first commercial steam locomotive, the Stourbridge Lion, departed from Honesdale on its maiden voyage to a nearby town just 3 miles away, only to return to the Honesdale station, deemed too heavy for further use. While the operation of the Stourbridge Lion was short-lived, its fame and importance still lives on. A full scale replica at the Wayne County historical Society’s Museum and Research Center is a must-visit for railroad buffs. Honesdale’s part in the railroad history is far from its only draw.  Main street is chock full of local businesses housed in beautiful buildings that anyone can appreciate. The list of hidden gems in and around this town are truly endless and beg to be explored. Highlights include unique shopping opportunities, weekend farmer’s markets, local bakeries, fine dining, family entertainment, an internationally recognized yoga center, and any outdoor experience you can think of. For such a small town, Honesdale has it all and more.

Bethel, New York

Ever heard of Woodstock?! Well, Bethel, NY is the magical place where in 1969, about 500,000 people gathered from all over the US for “Three Days of Peace and Music,” otherwise known as Woodstock. In 2006, Bethel Woods, an 800-acre campus built on the original Woodstock site, opened its doors and has since brought incredible vitality to the area. Bethel Woods boasts a 15,000-person concert venue, an award winning museum, an event gallery, a conservatory for arts education programming and an outdoor space that hosts farmers markets and festivals throughout the year. Bethel Woods’ summer concert schedule never ceases to amaze by bringing the biggest artists to this historically rich performance venue for balmy nights filled with music and good times. But that’s not all that’s great about the town of Bethel. White Lake, a five minute drive from Bethel Woods, offers everything you need to plan a perfect summer’s day. Boat rentals are easy to come by and incredible restaurants that line the shore make the perfect pit stop for lunch or a sunset dinner. With Lake Superior State Park, the Catskill Distillery, and a few “mom and pop” businesses scattered around, Bethel is a small town with a big soul, great history and enough variety to keep you busy, entertained and most definitely impressed.

Narrowsburg, New York

Another town lucky enough to call the banks of the Delaware River home, Narrowsburg is emerging as an up-and-coming draw to the area. Historically, it is home to Fort Delaware, which was first settled in 1754. Today, you’ll find there a replica of the fort, reenactments of the daily lives of settlers and a local museum. Narrowsburg’s main street, easily walked within 10 minutes, is home to thriving, trendy businesses that will make you question if you’re really in a town with a population of under five hundred. Narrowsburg is a place where antique and vintage finds abound, where sharing a meal with loved ones is accompanied by stunning views of the river, and where the toughest decision you’ll have to make is how to take on the Delaware River- will it be by innertube, kayak or a raft full of your closest friends and family?


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